About NWS


New Women Space is a 2,100 sq.ft., mixed-use space made for in-person gatherings.

A place in the community to meet, connect and start new conversations.

New Women Space Ground Floor Rental

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Sandra Hong and Melissa Wong, New Women Space co-founders

Hi! We're Sandra and Melissa, the two co-founders of NWS.

Our mission and vision for New Women Space is to create a positive and lasting impact in our communities through the power of in-person gatherings. 


Spaces are critical to informing the way our communities are shaped, how they function and how well they allow for deeper connections and relationships to form. We center our programming and prioritize women and femmes of all experiences as an active response to the social inequalities and implications we face in our daily lives. We aim to support this community by creating affordable access to tools, resources and space for groups and individuals to realize themselves and claim their realities.


Thank you again for taking an interest in NWS. Get plugged in! Check out our upcoming events or start your own today. 

We look forward to seeing you here.


Sandra & Melissa