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New Women Space is proud to introduce events hosted by women of all experiences living, working, creating in our community. Your event ticket purchase not only helps New Women Space keep its doors open, it is also an active and conscious way of supporting the passions, ideas and pursuits of our Instructors. 

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New Women Space is an all inclusive space. We invite ALL to experience our events unless the nature and content of an event’s subject matter is intended for a specific audience.

We are committed to being an all-inclusive and safe space. New Women Space does not tolerate hatred, bigotry, violence or discrimination of any form. As such, the staff at New Women Space reserve the right to respectfully ask any visitors to leave. 

Investing for Beginners with Brooklyn Plans

brooklyn plans image.png
brooklyn plans image.png

Investing for Beginners with Brooklyn Plans


Everything you need to know but were too intimidated to ask

Ready to start investing some of your hard earned cash but don't know where to begin? Join us for a workshop on investing basics! We'll breakdown the financial jargon and help you navigate through the financial system like a pro.

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