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New Women Space is proud to introduce events hosted by women of all experiences living, working, creating in our community. Your event ticket purchase not only helps New Women Space keep its doors open, it is also an active and conscious way of supporting the passions, ideas and pursuits of our Instructors. 

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New Women Space is an all inclusive space. We invite ALL to experience our events unless the nature and content of an event’s subject matter is intended for a specific audience.

We are committed to being an all-inclusive and safe space. New Women Space does not tolerate hatred, bigotry, violence or discrimination of any form. As such, the staff at New Women Space reserve the right to respectfully ask any visitors to leave. 

Self-Scripting: Unearthing Our Narratives with Julia Bray - Saturday, March 19th, 4:00pm-6:00pm


Self-Scripting: Unearthing Our Narratives with Julia Bray - Saturday, March 19th, 4:00pm-6:00pm



Storytelling is an incredibly potent tool to transform our personal experiences into art. In these unsteady times, some of the most powerful work we can do is to tune into the stories within our bodies that are asking to be shared, and to write, perform, film, sing, dance them out with the intention to free the self from our own narratives, and to connect to others through our unique experiences. It is of the utmost importance that we as human's witness one another's stories, but often we find ourselves trapped by trauma, or attachment to the very thing that wounds us. The act of creatively unearthing these narratives can allow the story to stand outside of us, so that we can see it as a player within the grand scheme of lessons we are learning while in these bodies. 

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in creative storytelling, artistic expression, activism, and exploration of the self. We'll explore the history and impact of storytelling throughout the ages, take a meditative journey through our own story, and through writing prompts and verbal sharing, we will allow the creative gems waiting within us to break free and find their own voice through whatever medium they desire. You'll leave with a seed planted for your next creative expression, whether it takes the form of writing, song, dance, an event, a collective, a poem, a book, a film or anything else you and the universe co-conspire to bring into form.

Julia Bray is a creator, writer, performer, astrologer, animal lover, dance teacher and yogi. Julia creates theater that engages in themes of spirituality and consciousness through sharp humor and wit,  offers astrological readings that are creative and soul-stretching, and teaches Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes. She produces the theatrical event All Boats in Brooklyn and Portland, OR, which offers a platform for artists to create and share new work, with a diverse and inclusive community. She believes that storytelling is integral to the healing process within the body, and teaches workshops encouraging human beings to connect with the joy and magic within. 

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