Welcome to a Vibrant Community of Organizers

At the heart of New Women Space is a vision of a world where women, femme, queer, transgender and gender nonconforming individuals are recognized in their fullness and are provided abundant access to resources and opportunities to prosper and thrive. Hosting an in-person gathering at New Women Space means you are joining a community of organizers who are committed to this vision and we sincerely thank you for doing the work to bring people closer together. 

Hosting a Gathering at New Women Space

Step 1: View Availability in our public calendar below and find an open date that aligns with your gathering

Step 2: Fill out our Host Detail Form

Step 3: Register for our next Open House (required for all first-time organizers)

Step 4: Read our Welcome Guide

If you a returning to host another event at NWS, please fill out the form below: 

Centering Black Liberation at NWS

Black Women, Black Transgender, Black gender nonconforming communities, Black elders and youth of all abilities deserve financial, emotional, and systemic support. New Women Space invites any one who is intentionally organizing on behalf of mental health, self-care, support and well-being exclusively for the black community to use New Women Space for absolutely free of charge. 

This is also a strong call to action in the effort of centering black liberation at New Women Space for any white and non-Black people of color organizers to volunteer their time + bring forward funds when they rent or support NWS to help us sustain and normalize this effort for other businesses and community organizations with brick and mortar spaces to also adopt.

Solidarity Pricing 

NWS operates on an income based sliding scale structure for space rentals. We rely on your honesty and integrity in upholding our sliding scale structure to offer space to those who cannot always pay the full price. 

Please see below for our hourly rates:

  • Income less than 20K = $50/hour rate
  • Income between 20K-35K = $75/hour rate
  • Income between 35K-50K = $100/hour rate
  • Income between 50K-75K = $125/hour rate
  • Income 75K or more + Corporate Inquiries = $150/hour rate


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