Hire More Women, Trans and Gender Nonconforming Employees

Our mission is to create economic opportunity and an equitable future for self identified women, trans and gender nonconforming individuals in our city by directly engaging with companies and organizations who are committed to inclusivity, safety and affirmation in the workplace. 

I don’t think most male leaders are intentionally biased against their female colleagues, but we do need to take a hard look at the culture we create and whether it is aligned to produce the results we want. If you have no female candidates for your organization’s top jobs, it’s probably time to look in the mirror.
— Jonas Prising, How To Be A Male Feminist At Work
I changed jobs from a high-paying one where I was not comfortable being out as a trans person to a much lower-paying one where I felt that my identity would be respected. Having a job where my gender identity is respected consistently, where I don’t have to constantly fight for myself or hide myself, has improved my quality of life more than any other aspect of my transition.
— Anonymous, US Transgender Survey