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Events listed have been designed by: New Women Space's in-house team, organizations in our community who have rented our space and our group residents.

HEROINES: A Devised Performance Piece

What is it to be WOMAN? Today, yesterday, or tomorrow?

Heroines tells the story of three contemporary women, living through the questions and quandaries of womanhood. With a nod to female characters of antiquity, prepare to explore the complex psyche of a woman in this age.

With a ban on chairs, and on traditional theatre tech, this show is all roots with raw energy and unconventional scenes to frame everyday moments in a new angle.

Pen: Lana Burns
Perse: Syrissa Maria
Helen: Emily Shanny
Agave: Mary Harmer

This is a promenade experience, with standing room only. Trigger warning: content related to rape and violence against women may be triggering from some audience members Heroines is showing (THURS-SAT) Feb 9-11 and 16-18 at 7.30pm at New Women Space, 188 Woodpoint Road, Brooklyn, NY, 11211.