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Motherhood as a Choice Explored with Jasmine Celeste

What is Motherhood? For one, it is many things, literally and figuratively (social status, social construct, social role, spiritual guide, a life of nurturing etc.) One important perspective of motherhood that is often ignored is motherhood as a decision. Without bleeding into other hot topics regarding motherhood, this workshop and conversation will centralize on the choice--"to be or not to be" [a mother]. Just like Hamlet, we will analyze the question existentially, as well as from a historical, psychological, sociological, and intersectional-feminist perspective. Right now, you might say "I'm not ready to have a child, but I want one later," which is fantastic, but what exactly makes later so much better? What exactly does being a mother mean to you? Maybe it is your "gut, motherly instinct," or fear of your earthly mortality--whatever the reason/s, it should be further explored. Motherhood is an identity we choose, so let it be an active path getting there--or of not getting there! Discussion about voluntarily childless/free-ness will also be explored! Join me in examining the crucial and unique decision-making process that affects us womyn!

Jasmine Celeste is a licensed bilingual social worker and psychotherapist. She was raised in a Dominican household, accompanied by the stimulus of the NYC beat. She is currently pursuing an academic career in the field of motherhood and voluntarily child-less/free-ness.

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