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Events listed have been designed by: New Women Space's in-house team, organizations in our community who have rented our space and our group residents.

A Long Way to Go: Conversation on Hurdles WoC Face when Running for Office

Women of color make up only 7 percent of Congress, with similar or worse representation in state-level offices. With a political system designed for those on the "inside", women of color tend to face hurdles on the road to elected office that other demographics do not. Those hurdles are often what keep women of color from running in the first place.

Our panel hopes to discuss the hurdles women of color face when running for office, the resources they wish they had, and provide potential solutions to change the system and ensure more women of color are represented in elected office. Because waiting our turn, and playing by the rules are no longer an option. After all, why abide by rules that were not written for us?

This is a donation based event with proceeds going to Women of Color for Progress and New Women Space.