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Events listed have been designed by: New Women Space's in-house team, organizations in our community who have rented our space and our group residents.

Self-Conscious to Breath-Conscious: Dance through Grief with Creative Healing

Healing begins with feeling. And feeling begins when we feel safe to feel. Feeling safe starts in the crevices of our own bodies and minds, as well as through the bodies and minds of those surrounding us during vulnerable times. I will facilitate both an inner and outer space that feels safe for us to experience the rise and fall of emotions that accompanies grief, loss, and pain- through a combination of guided and self-guided meditation, stretching, and dancing. When we shift from “self-conscious to breath-conscious,” we offer a chance to step into our own dance, through trusting our bodies lead. 

Henny is an aspiring soul, artist, and clinician who connects and embraces the rawness in humanity and in life. Henny values the combination of western and eastern healing practices, evident in her work as a trauma therapist  and through her dancing. Henny leads meditative dancing and movement workshops called AccepDance- a practice creating space for the body to lead, and the mind to follow. She is also building her private practice as a clinical social worker that incorporates evidence based practices as well as more holistic approaches to healing.