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Yin Yoga: Heart and Lung Practice for Moving Through Grief

Yin Yoga seeks to uncover the unique harmony that exists within our body, and regulate the flow of energy. As trauma manifests in our experience, our energy exchange with our environment and others around us becomes unbalanced. We may disconnect from our physical form, and invite that trauma into our bodies where it lingers. The Yin practice asks from the practitioner to find stillness and meditation in a small collection of intentional poses, and explore the stories that lie deep within our muscles, joints, and bones. With intense sensation as an anchor, we will observe with interest and care how this energy moves through us. 


Ophra Shiffeldrim is a yoga teacher hoping to awaken the unique spirit of each of her students. Through movement, breath-work, and sacred stillness, she guides students of any level of experience through a dynamic flow with plenty of space to rest and integrate the teachings into their own practice. Through Yin, she has found a unique invitation to explore body awareness and acceptance. 

Ophra received her 200-hour yoga certification in 2013 as well as a 50-hour Ayurvedic certification in 2015 at Laughing Lotus. She recently completed a 30 hour Yin Yoga certification from Sangha Yoga Shala.