Upcoming Events

Events listed have been designed by: New Women Space's in-house team, organizations in our community who have rented our space and our group residents.

Needles and Zines: Embroidery Workshop and Feminist Fun House

Join the embroidery gurus from Feminintees and zine queens from the Fly Trap to get your hands dirty with some feminist craft. Femininitees will be doing an embroidery 101 of a Fly Trap exclusive design and after plenty of hypercharged feministing, you'll get to keep your swag and rep your skills and steeze in Brooklyn and the world over forever more. Materials will be provided and surprise favors will be on lock!

The zinemakers of the Fly Trap and the feminist embroiderers of Femininitees™ have a longstanding partnership of grassroots activism. Femininitees™ creates one-of-a-kind T-shirts, each with a specific message that brings attention to the gender inequalities women face everyday. The Fly Trap produces collaborative, feminist zines full of ideas, art and master plans. These two crews are uniting in the city that birthed them to do the most in a Spring workshop!